It's been a rough week so far, but I'm getting through it all and I'm actually feeling really fucking great today! I finally started driving for my new job at Pizza Hut and I have to say it's quite a relief to actually be doing something there instead of watching safety videos for hours. Not too bad so far and I'm feeling really good about the job. Though I only work like 4 days a week for 4 hours.

Recently I started doing some Exercism exercises in Go and Elixir. You can checkout my profile here. It's really nice to be programming daily again and it's my goal to do at least 3-4 challenges a day in the morning before lunch. I'm sure that will go to 1-2 when the problems become more complex, but it's really helped me this week.

Something I found that really helps is getting a piece of scratch paper and working out the solution with colored pens. It helps me see the whole problem and what I should be doing before I start coding. This isn't something that I've done before, but I guess it helps. Instead of doing Independent mode, I've opted in to the mentored mode so I can get some feedback on my code and learn how to improve things as I go.


This garage sale app I've been working on hasn't had too much done to it on the code side, but I've taken a step back and have been writing out a sort of spec that I need to follow in order to finish it before summer arrives. Some things like mapping out all the features I want, database schema, and branding.

It's working out well to write everything out before I continue, because this way I can see what I currently have and what I need to work on. I've never really done something like this before so it's helping out a lot.


Recently I've been getting a lot of questions in my discord server about Bracket, that Esports tournament platform that I have open sourced on my GitHub. It's something that I started on but haven't really done anything with and haven't finished. I'm thinking about getting back into working on that soon, though probably as a hosted open source solution. Lots of ideas for this one.

That's all for now, this week has been kinda hard and that's why this post is a bit late.