So, I guess what I'm going to start doing is keeping a weekly status update going. I think I'll write about all the things I'm working on, what I'm planning and what my thoughts are. Mostly, I'm doing this so I can keep myself accountable in what I'm doing since I'm putting it out there on the internet or whatever. There's a few other reasons why I'm doing this also, but I'll save that for another time I guess.

Not much has happened over the weekend since we got a FUCK TON of snow. I've mostly been lounging around and watching movies, enjoying some hot cocoa, and keeping company with the girlfriend and pets. Though, now I wish we would have went out and built a snowman or snow-fort; there's still plenty of snow so we might go do it anyways. Here's literally the only picture I took of the snow, wish I would have taken more during the blizzard when it happened.

Snow from the weekend, piled up and driveway cleared.

This Website

I really didn't want to spend a bunch of time setting up my own custom blog right now as there's too much for me to be doing. Though, I have lots of ideas for a custom site and possibly custom CMS that I would LOVE to build soon, but right now isn't the time. Maybe over the next couple of months when I get some more time, I'll definitely start to build my own site out.

Some of the ideas I have are things like building a very custom GraphQL API for managing and querying some data for the site. After I build a website (probably with React) I would love to build a native app with Flutter that I can use to manage my site on the go. I'll definitely be sharing my progress and thoughts when I start designing it or at least I will show off what I did after I publish that newer version.

Flutter Create

If you aren't already familiar with it, Flutter is a new app development platform for creating beautiful, cross-platform and fast native applications. At first when I saw it way before 1.0 was near I was skeptical. I thought it was like React Native, but eventually it grew and I was very impressed with how you compose widgets, manage state and build UIs with their wonderful material widgets. Since I found the Flutter discord I've been keeping an eye out for all the awesome changes that have been coming from the flutter team and open source contributors. They really have nailed this project, and I'm in love!

So... after that "short" explanation.. "Flutter Create" is an event that Google is putting on to challenge flutter developers, new and familiar. You're supposed to build an app using 5KB or less of Dart code. This seems like a really awesome challenge that I think I wanna do. Though, I'm really not quite sure what I'm going to build. Originally I was thinking about building out my weird fucking button game, but that might take too long. My other app Yard might not be a good idea also because it's already been approved to the app store and is over 41,000KB of dart code!

I guess this week calls for a little bit of brain storming if I'm going to have something before April 7th. If you're interested in competing, head over to I'm definitely going to write a few articles if I start coming up with some ideas, designs and especially if I start building something. Hope to see some of you participate!

Oh yeah, and checkout the Flutter Discord. There are lots of great people in there to help with all your Flutter needs.

Organization & Health

I will definitely be writing a more detailed article about some of this stuff, but I guess I'll just kind of skim over this. Over the past few weeks me and the GF have been starting going to the gym, "trying" to eat healthier and spending less money on things that we really don't need. Though, this is proving to be difficult I'm sure with consistency we will finally nail this down. I'm really excited to start going to the gym again after this snow stuff blows over!

Another thing I'm working on in this section is trying to organize my living situation. Keeping up with all my laundry, keeping my desk clean, and getting rid of things I don't need. Again, I just wanted to summarize what I'm doing basically. I'll have a much more lengthy article detailing some things I'm trying to accomplish all of this.

New Job & Future Work

So I had a job at Domino's Pizza as a delivery driver and it was really awesome! I had lots of fun, but then it snowed and I freaked out. Then I got depressed and quit my job after only a few weeks. I'm actually really upset with myself, but I've learned from that mistake and it's not going to happen again. Apparently I have a really bad problem with running away from things that stress me out or get me anxious and I'm trying really hard to deal with situations instead of run away from them.

Here I am a few months later (or less, idk time kinda blends for me right now) and I'm getting a part-time job at Pizza Hut doing the same thing. And guess what?! It fucking snowed really bad right as I got hired, so this time I'm going to have to face my stress and anxiety. I won't be able to run away. Which is good because driving is fun and I love it, I just really hate driving in the snow.

I'm planning on creating an app to help delivery drivers out, but I'm really not sure how that's going to turn out yet. Going to wait a month or two after I start this new job before I even start working on that. I'll have to gather notes on what I need.

As for my future stuff, I really don't know what's in store right now. I really want to work on Flutter stuff, but I guess we'll see. I dug up my old notebooks of App ideas and I might start working on things like that again, but first I have to finish all the unfinished projects on GitHub that are half baked.

Done For Now

This is going to be a really cool experiment to see how much better I can do when I write about it, I really don't know. I just thought it would help me somehow. Well, I guess that's all I can think of right now, but I'll be back next week to write about things. Maybe even sooner.

If you made it this far I'm actually kind of surprised.. so thanks!